The Effect of Various Electrical Treatments Upon Equilibrium, Swimming Ability and Light Avoidance of Silver Salmon




avoidance behavior, design, electricity, flume, high pulse frequency, high voltage, illumination, light avoidance, long pulse, polarity, salmon, silver salmon, swimming, swimming ability, swimming time


A total of 2,304 young silver salmon (O. kisutch) (36 groups of 32 fish from 85-95 mm fork length and 36 groups of 32 fish from 105-115 mm fork length) were subjected to two control and seven different electrical treatments under two conditions of electrode polarity and two conditions of flume illuminations in two replications. Each group of fish was used but once. The resulting data were studied primarily by the analysis of variance and the technique to allow inferences concerning three major phases of the response. Of the many comparisons permitted by the design of the experiment, only those most pertinent to the objectives of the study were completed.

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