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As geoprocessing on the web has matured in recent years, an increasing number of geoprocessing services and functionality are becoming available in the form of online Web Processing Services (WPS). Consequently, the quality of such geoprocessing services is of importance to ensure that WPS instances fulfill users’ expectations. In this paper, we illustrate, and discuss initial results from a quantitative analysis of the performance of WPS servers. To do so, we used two test scenarios to measure response time, response size, throughput, and failure rate of five WPS servers including 52 Degree North, Deegree, GeoServer, Py- WPS, and Zoo. We also assess each WPS server in terms of qualitative metrics such as software architecture, perceived ease of use, flexibility of deployment, and quality of documentation. A case study addressing accessibility assessment is used to evaluate the relative advantages and disadvantages of each implementation, and point to challenges experienced while working with these WPS servers.



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