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Geospatial mash-up is to produce a new worthy value by combining geo-referenced contents and different kinds of service. Despite of its high popularity in aerial view contents such as Google Earth, it is hardly achieved especially in street level due to the poor georeferencing quality of the underlining street level contents. In this study we propose a new street-level georeferenced panorama image content, ‘3D GeoPano’. While the most existing contents provide only the location and orientation for each entire image not for each pixel, this new content is accurately georeferenced pixel by pixel so that one can derive 3D absolute coordinates for every pixel. Based on the precisely determined 3D ground coordinates per every pixel, GIS database linkage can be more close, flexible and organic. This can improve the quality of geospatial mash-up service in street level. Such ‘3D GeoPano’ will be developed in open source community. By doing so, we expect to activate the geospatial mashup in street-level as well as to spread the geospatial technology.



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