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Floodplain in the alluvial lowland coastal area in the south of Danang City is a part of Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basin where is affected by serious and repetitive flood hazard. The topography and geomorphology which directly related to flood hazard but such relationship are still poorly understood. This study aims to measure flood inundation during a flood event in 2007 and estimate the potential flood hazard areas. ALOS PALSAR imageries were used for observing flood inundation dynamics. A 5m resolution DEM of study area were generated using field survey elevation points data and BS-Horizon interpolation method (Nonogaki et al., 2012). The generated DEM and flood inundation map were used as input data to extract the geomorphologic features of the study area and investigate relations on flood hazards. The flood potential mapping based on the investigation of ALOS PALSAR interpretation, topographical analysis and the land cover classification was carried out. As the result, flood inundation map shows good correlation to field survey flood map in 2007 and potential flood hazard map also coincides with flood scenario assessment by the Danang City government.



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