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In this study, we constructed an assessment framework that was consisted of 9 indicators about functional, economic and public value for FOSS4G adoption to NSDI and alternatives such as data sharing, data management, utilization and construction and derived relative weights using AHP method. For the AHP, we conducted a survey to developing countries’ 10 respondents from 9 Asian and Latin American countries. Firstly, result of the survey showed that economic value indicator came in the highest weight with 0.425, followed by functional value indicator with 0.345 and public value indicator with 0.230. Secondly, result of the alternatives analysis showed that data sharing alternative came in the highest adoption rate with 0.824, followed by data management with 0.780, data utilization with 0.778. This means that developing countries want to introduce FOSS4G to their NSDI from economic motivation. This study focused on the comprehensive aspect for adopting FOSS4G to NSDI that is different from the previous researches that were focused on the software engineering aspect to the adoption.



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