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The Philippines' Department of Science and Technology in collaboration with Higher Education Institutions, lead by the University of the Philippines, has embarked on a program for producing hazard maps on most major river systems in the Philippines. Realising the utility of LiDAR and its derived data sets, a concurrent program on resource assessment was also initiated, aimed to produce essential products that can be used in urban planning, resource planning, and other purposes these geospatial data might be able to provide. As a result, both programs produce immensely sizable datasets due for storage and distribution. Compiling them as one large file, or a small number of large files is impractical, and storing these data sets in current spatial content management systems and geoportal solutions also pose a challenge. In this study we present a system for storing and delivering LiDAR and LiDAR-derived data using Ceph object storage system and a spatial content management system derived from GeoNode. This approach hinges on our requirements of being scalable yet robust without much deviations from the current file system based storage structure.



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