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In this study, we classified land use/cover change from the 1880’s to 2010’s in the Kanto Region, Japan. First, we developed a 100m grid land use/cover database of the 1880’s with QGIS application and PostGIS database. The data were published through the GitHub Site as an Open Data (CC BY 4.0).

We imported Japanese national Open Data about land use (1970’s and 2010’s) to the PostGIS database, and carried out a spatial join with land use/cover data of the 1880’s. A model-based clustering method was applied to the land use/cover change data that were summarized based on a 1 km by 1 km grid.

The land use/cover change was classified into 29 categories, and we applied multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) analysis to categorize data. Based on MDS analysis, the categories were divided into 7 groups, and each land use/cover change category had a strong relation with distance and direction from central Tokyo and topographical features.





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