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TeDOC is part of the University Library System, owns a Great collection of historical and current maps, paper and digital and provides at their distribution to teachers and students, as part of the educational and research activities of the Politecnico di Milano. We were searching for a tool able to find, display and download current and historical cartography and, after a few years of work, we have become the first Europeans to use Open Geoportal (https://github.com/OpenGeoportal ) like our working tool. The component to ingest the data to OGP has evolved considerably, allowing better integration with GeoServer and allow automation of the procedures for adding layer via the importer function with the REST API. In this way, it is not necessary to be an expert operator to load data into the OGP. The procedure of data download has been customized to allow students to download prepackaged packages prepared by the administrators (some complex data need additional documentation to be correctly read, such as legends or lists of codes). One of our needs was to interact with other universities for sharing data, and OGP allows us to do this. For this reason, the Metadata that we have prepared follow the ISO 19139 standard and are in double language, allowing the widest possible dissemination and facilitating the exchange. What we hope is that our experience can become a first European base for the OGP Federation, also a new way to share data between Italian and European Universities.





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