This study aims to examine the relationship between temperature and precipitation as climatic factors and the vegetation characteristics in Forêt Classée de la Mondah (Gabon). A pixel based spatial analysis procedure with QGIS was used to extract vegetation characteristics from MODIS on Terra, NDVI band, data from February 2000 to December 2015, while temperature and precipitation were monitored from January 1980 to December 2015 to highlight climate fluctuations in the study area. Two regression analyses were conducted : one between temperature and NDVI and the other one between precipitation and NDVI. Results showed that temperature and precipitation did not vary significantly and the overall linear correlation between climate factors and NDVI was not significant. However, a close to medium correlation was found between temperature and NDVI during the long dry season. The authors are conducting a similar study in a broader scale (at country level), based on polygon as a spatial analysis procedure to extract MODIS data, in order to obtain further information about the relationship between climate and vegetation in this region and highlight the fact that vegetation may respond differently to climate effects depending on different micro climate.





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