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istSOS Version 3

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istSOS version 3 is a new full stack open source application framework that, implementing the Sensor Observation Service standard from the OGC and including some special features, offers the capability to manage and disseminate observation from sensors networks. istSOS3 has been redesigned with the mission to solve the problems of high loads environments and quality of service. After some recent researches that have shown that istSOS version 2 is not adequate to meet high demanding environment in terms of high concurrency, big data and performance, istSOS version 3 has been rewritten from ground up taking advantages from the latest technologies and approaches like Python3 asynchronous programming, real time caching, ReactJS and JavaScript Compilers. istSOS3 server includes a Web based administration interface that permits an easy access to configurations and management operations, making the usage of OGC-SOS more user-friendly. But istSOS3 is also a developer friendly framework. All the components has been separated and can be reused creatively to meet different needs. New plugins can be easily integrated into the istSOS Python module or included in the web interface or create new ones.





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