Mission statement

Heliotropia is a peer-reviewed journal that was created to provide a widely and readily available forum for research and interpretation to an international community of Boccaccio scholars. Its role, first and foremost, is to promote and disseminate recent scholarship in a form that is both efficiently accessible and cost-free. Being uninhibited by the conventional constraints of academic publishing, the online journal enjoys the advantages of brief turnaround times, flexibility in the length and nature of submissions and the ability to present a variety of media according to the needs of its authors.

Principal characteristics

The exegetic scope of the journal is vast. Because our readers' interests are as varied as their approaches to Boccaccio's life and works, all substantial scholarly contributions are considered for publication. Consequently, the journal hosts the entire gamut of interpretive perspectives, from rigorous philological and historical studies to highly theoretical and wide-ranging comparative inquiries. In addition to these contributions Heliotropia provides sections specifically dedicated to book reviews, re-proposals of classic Boccaccio scholarship, brief notices, bibliographies and other items of general interest to the scholarly community.