The work of Teodolinda Barolini is well known to scholars of medieval Italian literature. For the most part her reputation rests on two important books published by Princeton University Press:

Dante’s Poets: Textuality and Truth in the Comedy (1984) and The Undivine Comedy: Detheolo-gizing Dante (1992). These have both been translated into Italian—by Bollati Boringhieri in 1993 and Feltrinelli in 2003, respectively—a still rather unusual privilege extended to Dante scholars not from the peninsula and amark of the importance and esteem in which her work is held. This is further evinced by the fact that the volume presently under consideration is the recipient of the Premio Flaiano 2007, an award made to a work on an Italian subject published outside of Italy. In the Spring Issue of

Italian Studies (vol. 62, 2008), Barolini was interviewed by the dantista Simon A. Gilson.