Evolution of Cultural Landscapes Perspectives and Practices

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Contributions to the debate on the revision of the concept of cultural landscape: ICOMOS BRAZIL’s National Scientific Committee

Betina Adams
Isabelle Cury
Vanessa Gayego Bello Figueiredo
Jose Antonio Hoyuela Jayo
Laura Beatriz Lage
Marcos Olender
Mônica Bahia Schlee
Rafael Winter Ribeiro

Cultural landscape as place, process, and practice

Dr. Steve H. Brown, University of Canberra, Australia

Influence of the evolution of cultural landscapes as heritage on 20th century international heritage preservation doctrine

Cari Goetcheus, University of Georgia
Nora J. Mitchell, University of Vermont

Naturecultures guidance: steps in our journey

Kristal Buckley, Deakin University
Leticia Leitao
Nora J. Mitchell, University of Vermont
Maya Ishizawa
Jessica L. Brown, IUCN-WCPA Protected Landscapes Specialist Group
Nicole Franceschini
Dr. Steve H. Brown, The University of Canberra

Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape, the New Urban Agenda and Cultural Landscapes. Looking at concepts and vocabulary

Marie-Noël Tournoux, Project Director, WHITRAP

Refreshing ‘Cultural Landscapes’ - ISCCL Global Dialogue 30 Years Later

David Jacques
Patricia ODonnell, Heritage Landscapes

The Evolution of Conserving Cultural Landscapes in Canada: Paralleling the ISCCL

John Zvonar

The evolving place of indigenous people and their cultural landscapes in the World Heritage Convention at 50

Diane Menzies, Landcult Ltd.
Gregory W. De Vries, Heritage Landscapes LLC

World Heritage Cultural Landscapes: the Old and the New for China

Feng Han