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Panel 4 Paper 4.1: ICOMOS perspective on addressing CultureNature integration in the implementation of the SDGs

Rural landscapes with interconnected CultureNature heritage value have much to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of food production, use of renewable natural resources and overall well-being of communities. Rural landscapes are addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in SDG 11 as a type of ‘human settlement’ and Target 11.4 calls for 'strengthening efforts ‘to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage.’ Even so, to date, the contributions of rural landscapes have had limited recognition within the global framework for the UN SDGs and some reference in the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda. This paper will provide the foundation for a panel discussion on how to more fully recognize the contributions from heritage values of rural landscapes and mainstream them within the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda. Presented in context with background on the ICOMOS doctrinal texts of rural landscape principles and the Culture-Nature Journey meetings, as well as reference to the urban-rural linkages in UN policy documents, this paper will offer insights from previous work to mainstream cultural heritage in sustainable territorial development, connecting key points on rural, historic urban and cultural landscapes, It thus also aims to inform on ways the ISC on Cultural Landscapes can work with ICOMOS, IUCN and others to advance consideration of rural landscapes.