What I Wish Someone had Told Me: Insights on building sustainable impact with open education

This session brings together panelists who have led significant open education initiatives in a variety of contexts. They have pushed boundaries and forged trails for others to emulate. By bringing together visionary minds with wide-ranging experiences, this panel discussion will surface insights that apply to multiple facets of the OER journey. The session begins with a real-time poll inviting attendees to share their context and experience level with open education. Leading into the discussion, the moderator will invite attendees to consider the panel questions. This approach provides opportunities for everyone not only to benefit from panelists’ perspectives, but also to reflect on their own lessons learned. Panel questions may include: What is a key insight you wish someone had told you when you were getting started with open education? What person or experience taught you this lesson? Community is in the DNA of open education. What’s an essential lesson you’ve learned about supporting and sustaining a community around open education? Share a notable failure and what you learned from this failure. Describe a moment when you realized your work was making a real difference. What did this teach you about “impact” and how to demonstrate impact? In the final ten minutes, the audience will be invited to join the panel discussion with questions and comments. A final online poll will invite attendees to share: What is a key insight you have gleaned in your work with open education? Poll results will be captured and shared after the session concludes.
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