“But Where is the Courseware?” Finding, Creating, and Using Ancillary OER Materials

As more faculty become aware of the benefits of open educational resources and other affordable course material, many are confronted with the problem of losing access to ancillary content like test banks, homework assignments, and PowerPoint slides, which they have come to rely on from commercial publishers. For some faculty, this barrier is insurmountable, compelling them to continue using expensive commercial textbooks, even if they believe in the cause of open education. Publishers, vendors, and faculty have been slowly addressing the ancillary material problem by developing low-cost, free, and/or openly-licensed ancillary options. However, it can be very difficult to find these materials to use or suggest to faculty. In this session, I will provide an overview of the existing platforms and producers of ancillary materials, as well as tips for trying to find this material. I’ll also give an overview of how faculty can be actively involved in creating new ancillary material for existing open textbooks, drawing both from examples at other institutions and several successful projects at my own institution. To engage the audience during the presentation, I will use polling software to ask relevant questions throughout. I will also end the presentation with an interactive ancillary material search challenge that will allow attendees to use the skills shared in the session to practice finding ancillary materials themselves.