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The Economic Significance Study on the Volleyball Hall of Fame and Its Charitable Impressions

Events and attractions can bring visitors and have economic impact and significance in the local areas. The measure and estimate of the economic impact and significance becomes a big concern for the organizers, governments and local residents. This study assessed the economic significance and impact of the Volleyball Hall of Fame and its related events in October 2009, and furthermore it examined its charitable impressions. The study first examined the demographic background of the visitors, and then followed the basic economic impact and significance assessment process proposed by Crompton and Stynes. The locals, casuals and time-switchers were identified, and then the study assessed the economic contributions in two dimensions: (1) the economic significance assessment including all the visitors, and (2) the typical economic impact assessment excluding the locals, casuals and time-switchers, and applied a conservative multiplier. Group sizes and the lengths of the stay were also examined to determine how they may also relate to the economic significance and impact assessment. Additionally the study assessed the charitable impressions by the visitors through a set of Likert scaled statements. The study found that, although the Volleyball Hall of Fame is a small-scale attraction, it did generate an economic contribution to the local community. Furthermore visitors had strong awareness of, and supported the Volleyball Hall of Fame’s participation in the non-profit charitable events, and the charitable impressions were identified as possible means to promote visitors' willingness to donate to the Volleyball Hall of Fame.
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