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The aim of the study was to show tourist movement in Poland and its importance in the tourism and national economy. The analysis of the results confirms a several-year trend of further increases in the number of arrivals for both foreigners and foreign tourists. In parallel to the positive trend in terms of the number of trips, unfortunately a decreasing trend is observed in the level of average spending of tourists and one-day visitors. Therefore, total revenue from inbound foreign tourism in 2019 (calculated in PLN) increased by 2.9% compared to its level from the previous year. Tourism, including foreign tourism arrivals, affects economic development, mainly due to the multiplier effect. The huge problem for the Polish tourism sector was the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The aim of the article is to illustrate the impact of the pandemic on the tourism sector in Poland, especially domestic travels, and to provide information on which types of tourism were more resistant to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.