Journal of Medicinally Active Plants

The Journal of Medicinally Active Plants is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, on-line professional journal sponsored by the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants. The Journal publishes scientific manuscripts related to the analysis, application, bioactivity, collection, conservation, cultivation, growth, harvest, identification , physiology, processing, and other issues related to medicinally active plant material. Investigators working with these plant materials are invited to submit articles for publication. Guidelines for publication are here.

The objective of this quarterly publication is to facilitate scholarly exchange among those studying and/or interested in medicinally active plants and plant extracts. For this reason, access to this journal is free. Members of the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants may publish two articles each year without charge. For other authors, a small, pre-review fee is being assessed to cover handling charges. Issues are published in March, June, September, and December of each year. All published articles will include a volume number, issue number, and page numbers.

Authors may submit scientific articles, book reviews, comments, and other materials at any time by carefully following the above referenced guidelines. Material submitted for publication must be accompanied by a statement that the material has not been submitted for publication elsewhere and be a transfer of the article copyright to the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants.

Knowing that authors want quick publication, articles will be published in the issue following acceptance by referees and the Board of Editors. All questions and other correspondence about publication should be addressed to one of the Executive Editors or the Managing Editor.

Current Issue: Volume 10 (Vol 10 Issue 1)

Front Matter



Rapid screening methods to identify chilling tolerance in sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)
Lara Brindisi, Vivek Arora, David Kenigsbuch, Daniel L. Ward, Christian A. Wyenandt, Nativ Dudai, Itay Gonda, and James E. Simon


Antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-SARS-CoV Activity of Commercial Products of Xylopia (Xylopia aethiopica)
Claudia Melo, Rosemary Perdomo, Fadel Yerima, Oneil Mahoney, Nadjet Cornejal, Sahar Alsaidi, Shepherd Coron, Thierry Bonnaire, Shimin Zhang, Thomas M. Zydowsky, Christine Priano, José A. Fernández Romero, H. Rodolfo Juliani, and Adolfina Koroch


Scutellaria Extract Inhibits Proliferation and Migration of Brain-Metastatic Lung Cancer Cells via Regulation of Multiple Signaling Pathways
Robert E. Wright III, Lubana Shahin, Venumadhavi Gogineni, Zahin Hussain, Aroma Naeem, Sudha Sadasivan, Indrajit Sinha, Melody Neely, Sharon K. Michellhaugh, Sandeep Mittal, Nirmal Joshee, and Prahlad Parajuli