Essential oil composition of Mentha longifolia from wild populations growing in Tajikistan


Mentha longifolia selections, collected from three different sites in south-central Tajikistan, were analyzed to determine essential oil constituency. Essential oils were extracted by hydrodistillation of the plants and subsequently analyzed by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry. A total of 82 compounds were identified, representing 84.5-99.0% of total oil composition. Although qualitatively similar, the Tajikistan M. longifolia samples did show quantitative differences. The major components and their percentage of the oil were cis-piperitone epoxide (7.8-77.6%), piperitenone oxide (1.5-49.1%), carvone (0.0-21.5%), pulegone (0.3-5.4%), menthone (0.0-16.6%), thymol (1.5-4.2%), β-thujone (0.2-3.2%), carvacrol (0.0-2.7%), and (E)-caryophyllene (0.9- 2.5%).