Publication Date

January 1994

Journal or Book Title

Business Digest


Over the past five years the Center for Economic Development has been actively involved in industrial planning activities in virtually every community in the Valley. At times our work has been as local as developing a zoning amendment for an industrial park or preparing an overall economic development program. At other times it has been focused on broad policy aspects such as Governor Weld's recent initiative on improving our economic posture, or participating in the recovery of the WestMass Development Corporation. Throughout our work on approximately 40 different projects, plans and studies, we have been consistently amazed at the degree of change that is occurring. The Valley certainly is not a stagnant place! At times it looks its age and well it should: it is one of the oldest industrial centers in the nation. At other times it is robust and innovative as the Millitechs, Eco Sciences, and National Evaluation Systems are nurtured and move into production. We are regularly asked what this change will mean to the Valley as we move toward the 21st century. It is a difficult question to answer. However, there are some indicators that we believe provide an accurate depiction of where the Valley is going.