Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning Studio and Student Research and Creative Activity

Publication Date

Fall 2011


Prepared by the Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning University of Massachusetts, Amherst Landscape Architecture 609 Professor Robert Ryan Editors: Nathan Frazee & Kathryn Ostermier 25 October 2011


Project Goals

This project seeks to create opportunities for green connections and city beautification along the McGrath Highway corridor. Key directives are: • Build greenway connections including pedestrian path and bike lanes • Increase open space • Minimize storm water flows and create on site infiltration through green infrastructure. • Improve tree canopy • Enhance economic growth and revitalization The studio’s primary goal is to plan this urban greenway project at multiple scales. The studio synthesizes information about natural features, recreation resources, and development patterns to create a green infrastructure network that addresses the unique problems and opportunities of the study area. Moreover, the studio focuses on finding innovative strategies for enhancing green space in the city, creating urban wildlife habitats, improving recreation access, and enhancing environmental quality.