Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning Studio and Student Research and Creative Activity

Publication Date

Fall 2013


Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning ~ Masters of Landscape Architecture Studio LA 609: Landscape Planning II-

Ipswich River Watershed: Planning and Designing Green Infrastructure Networks


Robert L. Ryan, Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning


This project focuses on the Ipswich River Watershed in the suburbanizing North Shore region of metropolitan Boston. The Ipswich River is one of the most threatened rivers in the United States due to increased development and drinking water withdrawals from neighboring towns that impact the water quality and quantity. In order to address these environmental issues, this studio developed a green infrastructure plan for the watershed that proposes protecting open space within water resource areas, preserving wildlife habitat areas, and creating recreational linkages. Each student in the course developed a focus area at the local scale to illustrate implementing green infrastructure planning. These projects include retrofitting existing neighborhoods with rain gardens and other green infrastructure devices to gather and treat urban stormwater, as well as increase ecological connectivity. Other projects include creating ecological corridors and retrofits for an industrial park, high school, and commercial area. This project shows creative solutions to address the environmental and recreational needs of the watershed