Publication Date

Spring 5-2011

Committee Members

Professors: Elizabeth Thompson, Dr. Peter Kumble


Sustainable Industrial Design
Reclaiming a Brownfield in Greenfield, Massachusetts
For the senior capstone project at the University of Massachusetts, this student completed a conceptual site design project for the City of Greenfield. The City of Greenfield wishes to redevelop the Brownfield site, currently known as the Bendix Property, into an eco- industrial park. Working closely with the City’s officials, the student created a realistic vision for the site. After twenty years of soil and groundwater treatment, the site is ready to come back to life. The student investigated what an eco -industrial park is, and how the businesses cooperate with each other to achieve greater efficiencies. To do this, the student looked into case studies of successful eco-industrial parks to use as a model for the project in Greenfield. The student also researched sustainable technologies that can be incorporated, such as Photovoltaic panels and groundwater infiltration. The student created a site analysis of the property looking at aspects such as: vegetation, circulation, sun, shade, drainage, and the effect this project will have on the surrounding community. The student created a site plan of the area, using the data from the site analysis. The plan is supplemented with sections, perspectives, and diagrams to explain the design. The site plan will generate interest in the area and help Greenfield attain its vision of an eco-industrial park. With the property going out to bid in the spring of 2011, the conceptual design by this student will excite developers into action.