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Henry Lu, Chair - Tom Haberlin, Member - Linda Petrella, Member


Chapter I is an introduction to urban problems, urban revitalization, and current tendencies in urban revitalization. This chapter also mentions the situation of cities in Massachusetts and the case of the city of Springfield and its neighborhood Memorial Square. Chapter II explains the goals and objectives for this project. Chapter III is the literature review of those areas that are pertinet to review for this kind of project. Chapter IV includes case studies that are significant to this kind of project, and bring relevant findings that help to see ways the project can take shape. Chapter V briefly explains the important landmarks in the Springfield and Memorial Square history. Chapter VI explains the important elements that define the character of the residents of the neighborhood. Chapter VII is the site analysis and assessment of the physical environment of the neighborhood, making findings on which site characteristics are determining the current physical condition. Chapter VIII are the design recommendations that can be implemented in the neighborhood. Chapter IX are the phases that the project is organized in. Chapter X offers conclusions of this project.