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Committee Members

John Mullin, Chair - Henry Renski, Member


The purpose of this Master's project is to research how a business improvement district (BID) could be implemented in the Davis Square commercial district of Somerville, Massachusetts. An assessment of Davis Square has been conducted through a collaborative effort between planning staff in Somerville's Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) and neighborhood stakeholders to identify key issues in the area. This project uses case study examples to understand the types of improvements and services that BIDs in neighborhoods similar to Davis Square provide. Furthermore, case study examples provide information regarding assessment methods and services provided by pertinent BIDs in order to assess their feasibility in Davis Square. An assessment fee structure is presented to determine the revenue potential of a BID in Davis Square. Services that could be provided by a Davis Square BID are also presented along with the benefits of each service. This project concludes by identifying next steps for the municipality and property owners to move forward in establishing a BID.