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Mark Lindhult, Chair - Michael Davidsohn, Member - Neils la Cour, Member - Simon Raine, Member


Conventional stormwater management methods are a major problem in urban areas that can result in erosion, sedimentation, flooding and in the contamination of natural waterbodies that can be harmful for wildlife and costly for humans. This project will focus on the integration of green infrastructure and UMass campus planning with the goal of solving stormwater management issues on campus. We propose a series of green infrastructure interventions that will increase infiltration and time of concentration, reduce peak flows of runoff, and filter sediment. These interventions will allow for the removal of catch basins and pipes, reduce pavement, and add vegetation. Additional positive externalities are in the form of other ecosystem services such as the enhancement of habitats, the promotion of biodiversity on campus and improvement of education, all while improving campus aesthetics.