Publication Date

Fall 11-2016

Committee Members

Michael DiPasquale, Chair Ethan Carr, Member


The masters project presents findings from recent work the author completed related to wayfinding, and wayfinding systems. This work began as part of a graduate urban design studio, followed by work as a research assistant at the UMass Design Center in Springfield, on a new “demonstration” wayfinding system installed in Springfield, Massachusetts. The wayfinding project was done in association with the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission and the Springfield Office of Planning and Community Development, was implemented with the main goals of improving public health by encouraging more people to walk.

Wayfinding systems are increasingly seen as an important part of a successful built environment. For many cities, good wayfinding systems can make the environment easier to understand and navigate, making for a better, more enjoyable experience. And an enjoyable experience may encourage people to return again, further enhancing civic life.

The overall aim of this project is to use the experience gained as part of an actual project in Springfield to make recommendations and provide guidance to other cities and towns considering new wayfinding systems.