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Committee Members

Mark Lindhult, Chair - Jack Ahern, Member


The sustainable design movement has been one of the most influential trends seen in the last 10 years. This movement is still seen by the public at large as something that is difficult, ugly, and rural. Creating a showpiece project in an urban area allows these myths to be dispelled through education. This project focuses on a proposed design for an 80 acre campus expansion of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. This site has many advantages including a location in an urban core, a Big Ten football stadium that would attract national attention, and a local population made up of many impressionable students. By creating a design that fits in with the existing campus, but also treats stormwater, creates a regional transportation node, collects solar power for use on site, and creates areas of habitat including a greenway, the project would show any visitors that sustainability can be beautiful, functional, and located in urban areas.