Publication Date

Spring 2019

Committee Members

Frank Sleegers - Chair, Michael DiPasquale - Member Mark Hamin - Member


Like many metropolises around the world, urban renewal in New York dominates the process

of urban development due to the scarcity of urban land resources and the ever-expanding population of New York. In the history of New York’s urban expansion, with the continuous expansion of the city’s outer edge and industrial relocation, industrial land originally on the edge of the city is gradually surrounded by residential areas.

The large area of vacant land and building also limits the further development of the region.

How to reuse the existing infrastructure and brownfield with the highly degraded environment is

particularly important for urban regeneration. The physical development of Sunset Park, which began over 100 years ago, was based on a different platform for manufacturing and distributing goods, one which was well-suited to the infrastructure and building types developed at the time. Today, the main challenge is to figure out ways to adapt and reuse this antiquated industrial infrastructure and develop Sunset Park into a 21st century model for diverse, dense and environmentally sustainable industry.

Through the transformation of two different types of brownfields at the Sunset Park waterfront

area, this design proposal will promote the process of urban restoration and promote the sustainable development of existing brownfield.