Publication Date

Summer 2006


Message from Jay:

When I saw the cover of this newsletter in draft, my initial reaction was that champagne is not an image traditionally associated with research libraries. Where are the books? Where are the computers? Where are the smiling faces of our generous Friends? Then I rattled my chains of “Librarian Past” and realized that as “Librarian Future” champagne is the perfect symbol to celebrate the recent successes of the UMass Amherst Libraries. And success is the word that captures the events of the past several months. In a very short time, the Learning Commons has transformed the image, the “buzz” and the energy surrounding the UMass Amherst Libraries. You will read about these successes...Dinner with Friends breaks all records, library usage continues to rise, 21st Century Library Technology Fund launched, library receives $600,000 grant from Microsoft. What you don’t see here is the extraordinary hard work performed by all the library staff and volunteers to make these “successes” happen. Like any successful “show,” we have a long list of credits, from associate directors to student employees, who create the magic for our users. Enjoy our successes as you turn these pages. At the end, please give a standing ovation to the dedicated individuals who work long and hard to make it so. Or, raise a glass...champagne?

Jay Schafer,

Director of Libraries