Publication Date

Winter 2015


If you have been following the Libraries’ newsletter closely over the years, you might have noticed that the space for my message has gone from a whole page to half a page to, now, a little more than a quarter page. I can assure you it is not because I have less to say. Rather, it is because there are so many exciting “happenings” in the Libraries – from raptors to international visitors to digital media and 3D printing services to sustainability to jazz to new collections and finally to new staff and upcoming events. Why take up space with me telling you how great our staff, services, and collections are when we can show you by documenting the many activities of the past several months.

I will share one (perhaps) silly but, to me, significant accomplishment. This past summer, the windows of the Du Bois Library were washed for the first time in more than 30 years. Metaphorically, this could be viewed as recognizing the significant investment the University has made in supporting the Libraries, or as symbolic of the transformation going on inside the walls of the building as we move from a print world to a digital one. To me, it symbolizes how the light of knowledge shines brighter into the building and how all of us working inside the building have a clearer view of our campus, our students, and our mission.