Publication Date

January 1996


This work has circulated in manuscript form since October, 1986. Its basic contents were first presented at WCCFL 3 in spring, 1986 to an audience that was not devoid of convinced believers in the C and the V. It has been cited variously as McCarthy & Prince 1986, M&P forthcoming, and even (optimistically) M&P in press.

Many of the proposals made here have been revised, generalized, or superseded in subsequent work (see the bibliography below, p. 84), including a book ms. of nearly the same title by exactly the same authors. Junko Itô and Armin Mester have suggested to us that it might still be useful to make the 1986 manuscript available through an official venue. Pursuing their suggestion, we are putting the ms. out in final form as a technical report, with a proper and indeed augmented bibliography, with outright errors noted and corrected, and with some added commentary.

We have kept the text very much the same as in the original version. A few trivial mistakes have been corrected silently. More serious missteps are discussed in remarks like this one, interpolated among the paragraphs of the original text. We have also inserted a number of brief comments and pointers to later developments, particularly when they have extended (or put shut to) a theme raised in these pages. For convenience, these scholia are included in the table of contents, in the same distinctive typeface.

Preparation of this document was supported by the National Science Foundation (grant SBR-9420424) and Rutgers University. We owe a large debt to John Alderete and Jill Beckman, whose assistance was indispensable.