Publication Date

January 1984

Journal or Book Title

Language Sound Structure: Studies in Phonology


The thesis of this paper is that morphological templates have access to a richer variety of categories than the CV tier. Although foot and syllable reduplication had been suggested previously, here I have shown the need for templates—conditions on the form of words of particular morphological types—that refer to syllables in modern Hebrew and to feet in Cupeño. In the course of the analyses I have suggested a number of technical proposals: a specific version of the prosodic hierarchy, a procedure for expansion of morphological templates containing higher-level prosodic units, and another procedure for selecting the appropriate structure in case of ambiguity. Furthermore, morphological systems have emerged as a new source of evidence for the nature of prosodic categories, confirming in this case the need for syllables and feet as well as some details of their construction. The fundamental point, however, is that phonological theory and morphological theory must manipulate essentially the same units embedded in the same representational system.


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