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This volume of forty-three papers celebrates Kyle Johnson's contribution to linguistics. Written by Johnson’s colleagues and former students, the papers touch upon topics that have defined Johnson’s career, including verb movement, ellipsis, gapping, Germanic, extraposition, quantifiers and determiners, object positions, among others.



Download Full Text (3.3 MB)

Download Preface: three notes from the editors (27 KB)

Download Table of Contents (71 KB)

Download David Adger. Ellipsis in additive responses (70 KB)

Download Artemis Alexiadou. Gender and nominal ellipsis (130 KB)

Download Elena Anagnostopoulou. Gender and defaults (94 KB)

Download Diana Archangeli and Douglas Pulleyblank. A minimalist take on Setswana harmony (101 KB)

Download Sigrid Beck. More and more different (45 KB)

Download Misha Becker. Resetting the polysynthesis parameter: a preliminary proposal (78 KB)

Download Judy B. Bernstein. Demonstrative surprises! (86 KB)

Download Rajesh Bhatt. A syntactic amalgam in Hindi-Urdu? (93 KB)

Download Theresa Biberauer and Sten Vikner. Having the edge: a new perspective on pseudo-coordination in Danish and Afrikaans (148 KB)

Download Hans Broekhuis. Come here and/or I'll kiss you! (77 KB)

Download Peter W. Culicover. Cryptoconstructionalism (85 KB)

Download Amy Rose Deal. Towards an etiology of outer indices (125 KB)

Download Brian Dillon. Incremental syntactic processing and the Right Roof Constraint (132 KB)

Download Danny Fox. Non-local extraposition: a modification of Williams's Generalization (97 KB)

Download Yosef Grodzinsky. Rule-I, intensional predicates, and children's pronominal reference assignment (106 KB)

Download Nina Hyams, Victoria Mateu, and Lauren Winans. Ellipsis meets wh-movement: sluicing in early grammar (312 KB)

Download Toru Ishii. Transfer and Self Pair-Merge (102 KB)

Download Jóhannes Gísli Jónsson. Why sem is (still) a complementizer and not a relative pronoun (80 KB)

Download Stefan Keine. Agreement and vP phases (102 KB)

Download Christopher Kennedy. Kyle owns more suits than the one he's wearing, or an argument for a degree-theoretic analysis of gradability and comparison (96 KB)

Download Min-Joo Kim. That's a beautiful dress that you're wearing: a curious relative clause construction in English (82 KB)

Download Kiyomi Kusumoto. Geis-ambiguity and tense harmony (37 KB)

Download Nicholas LaCara. Multiple wh-movement and extraction from VPE sites (137 KB)

Download Winfried Lechner. A note on reflexive ECM subjects (166 KB)

Download M. Rita Manzini. Passive, smuggling and the by-phrase (140 KB)

Download Diane Massam and Kinza Mahoon. Some thoughts on VP coordination in Niuean (118 KB)

Download Jim McCloskey. Object positions (142 KB)

Download Jason Merchant. Spurious coordination in Vlach multiple wh-fronting (111 KB)

Download Marcin Morzycki. Some viruses in the semantics (117 KB)

Download Keir Moulton. Determiners on clauses (118 KB)

Download Jason Overfelt. Extraposition, polarity, and Late Merge (103 KB)

Download Norvin Richards. Multiple case assignment and the English pseudo-passive (79 KB)

Download Ian Roberts. On some languages lacking V-to-I movement (151 KB)

Download Uli Sauerland and Kazuko Yatsushiro. Coordination and scope in Japanese: an argument for verb movement with verb phrase (50 KB)

Download Dominique Sportiche. Fewer adjuncts: more relatives (108 KB)

Download Yuji Takano. A new form of sideward movement (81 KB)

Download Satoshi Tomioka. Scope of focused scalar items and embedded implicatures (66 KB)

Download Lisa deMena Travis. The day the data went south: object adjacency in Malagasy (84 KB)

Download Cherlon Ussery. Double objects again...but in Icelandic (159 KB)

Download Jeroen van Craenenbroeck. Sluicing as sharing (107 KB)

Download Andrew Weir. But write what? (106 KB)

Download Ken Wexler. Object positions, the Unique Checking Constraint and the development of particle verbs (100 KB)

Download Jan-Wouter Zwart. Gapping without gaps (99 KB)

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