Living Routes

Living Routes

Living Routes was an independent, non-profit educational organization with academic programs accredited by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. It folded in January 2014. Living Routes programs challenged participating students to grow on academic, professional and personal levels. Students earned UMass Amherst credit through programs taught by faculty with international experience and expertise across a wide range of fields. Students and faculty together created a learning community within the living community of the Ecovillage, the 'campuses' for Living Routes programs. Those remarkable educational environments facilitated real transformative intellectual and personal development through Ecological Literacy; Positive Solutions; Learner Centeredness; Transdisciplinary Curricula; Environmental and Social Responsibility; Community-Immersion; Meaning-Making; and Service Learning.

In 2016, Founding Director, Daniel Greenberg Ph.D., created a consultancy called CAPE - Custom Academic Programs in Ecovillages to carry on the vision of Living Routes. Rather than a third party provider like Living Routes, CAPE supports faculty-led programs and other groups that would like to benefit from ecovillage “campuses” to learn about sustainable community development and other topics.


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