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Holisso mako̲ anompa toklo' ishtiiholissochitok, Chikashshanompa' micha Naahollimanompa'. Hopaakikaash Chikashsha mó̲ma'at i̲yaakni' sipokni' áyya'shattook. 1837aash Naahollo i̲naalhpisa'at pomokloshi' wihat kanallichittook. Pomokloshaat Hattak Api'ma' I̲yaakni' onat tahattook. Pomanompa'at impállaminattookookya kaniya'ookya iláyya'shakmat Chikashsha ilittimanompohó̲li katihma. Chikashsha alhihaat ittimanompoli aaissa ki'yokittook. Chikashsha sipóngni'at imanompa' imaabahánchi bíyyi'kanattook. Mako'no imaabahánchi katihma. Pomanompa'at ikshoka'chi imahoobookya ki'yokittook. Anompa'at tibi' kolofa' chohmittook. Ittonchololit ishtayattook. 2007aash po̲minko' Bill Anoatubbyat Chickasaw Language Revitalization Program ikbittook. Sipóngni', anompa' shaali' cho'maat ibaatoksalit ishtayattook. Chikashsha alhihaat Chikashshanompa' anompoli katihma. Pomanompaat bílli'yacha bílli'ya. This Chronicle, written in both Chikashshanompa' (Chickasaw language) and English, reflects on the efforts of Chikashsha okla (Chickasaw people) to reclaim and revitalize Chikashshanompa'. Over time and for a variety of reasons—including Removal, English-only schooling, intermarriage with non-Chikashsha, and economic depression—many people stopped speaking Chikashshanompa'. Still, those who cared deeply for the language tended to it, making it possible for future generations to learn and to speak Chikashshanompa'. Because of the Chikashshanompa' revitalization and reclamation work, undertaken by many, Chikashsha alhihaat Chikashshanompa' anompoli katihma—Chickasaws are still speaking Chickasaw.


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