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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

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Based on the research of university Student centers and students’ daily activities within a campus, this Thesis focuses on how to strengthen the relationship between the student and the Student Center, by developing a methodology for a successful architecture that towards making the daily life of a student better. This approach will help overcome current disconnectbetween students’ daily activities and an environmentally integrated experience. The Thesis project focus will be the UMass Amherst’s Student Union. The existing Student Union has long been unable to meet the needs of today’s students, and its shortcomings have been felt throughout the campus, from a sense of alienation to the absence of places for activities and for actively connecting the campus with the environment.

Methods: Studying two student centers through visiting and investigating. Studying campus life through observing and recording; Using Questionnaire to collect data; studyingthe interaction between campus and facilities. Using Ecotect and concerned software to build and analyze solar radiation, shading and wind.

First Advisor

Kathleen Lugosch

Second Advisor

Ajla Aksamija