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Open Access Thesis

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.E.C.E.)

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The existing closed-loop sensor networks are based on architectures that are designed and implemented for one specific application and require dedicated sensing and computational resources. This prevents the sharing of these networks. In this work, we propose an architecture of virtualization to allow sharing of closed-loop sensor networks. We also propose a scheduling approach that will manage requests from competing applications and evaluate their impact on system utilization against utilization achieved by more traditional, dedicated sensor networks. These algorithms are evaluated through trace-driven simulations, where the trace data is taken from CASA’s closed-loop weather radar sensor network. Results from this evaluation show that the proposed scheduling algorithms applied in a shared network result in cost savings, that are the result of being able to multiplex applications onto a single network as opposed to running each application on an dedicated sensor network.

First Advisor

Michael Zink