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Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

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I’m interested in paint’s malleability. In my work, I transform the physical possibilities of paint in a literal way, using it as a tactile material to be cut apart, reassembled, or simply exposed for what it is. My paintings are labor-intensive. They are not predetermined, they meticulously evolve; crafted rather than executed. Remnant material from one painting, the result of a working process of cutting, gouging, or sanding, leads directly to the production of a new piece. In my work there is no illusion, material is meant to reiterate itself. Unlike abstract painters of the early 20th century, who hoped their work could aspire to spiritual harmony. My paintings are much more pragmatic, every day, present, and real.

First Advisor

Shona Macdonald

Second Advisor

Young Min Moon

Third Advisor

Coe Lapossy