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This learner-oriented study investigated the character and Bushou information from first year textbooks, Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 and Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 2, that are used by the participants; participants’ understanding and acquisition of Bushou; and their attitude on bringing in formal Bushou instruction to first year Chinese language courses. The study first classified all the characters that appear in the vocabulary lists in the 20 lessons from a set of first year textbooks that the participants use. Then it identified, organized, and analyzed the Bushou that appear in the characters. After soliciting and understanding students’ perceptions of Bushou and opinions on Bushou teaching and learning, and their acquisition of Bushou knowledge, a suggestion will be made on whether or not Bushou should be taught in class in this particular program. Sixty-eight students in Chinese classes from the elementary and intermediate Chinese classes participated in the study. The study findings revealed that students in both levels have a fragmented understanding of the concept of Bushou and a low level of Bushou knowledge; however, based on the descriptive analyses of the survey on Bushou teaching and learning, students in these two levels consider Bushou knowledge to be helpful for character learning and the majority of the participant want like to receive formal in-class instruction on Bushou.

The study results suggest that curriculum developers should consider incorporating formal Bushou instruction into their first year Chinese language program.

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Zhi J Wang