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Physical Review Research


We study the impact of beyond Lee-Huang-Yang (LHY) physics, especially due to intercomponent correlations, in the ground state and the quench dynamics of one-dimensional quantum droplets with an ab initio nonperturbative approach. It is found that the droplet Gaussian-shaped configuration arising for intercomponent attractive couplings becomes narrower for stronger intracomponent repulsion and transits towards a flat-top structure either for larger particle numbers or weaker intercomponent attraction. Additionally, a harmonic trap prevents the flat-top formation. At the balance point where mean-field interactions cancel out, we show that a correlation hole is present in the few-particle limit of LHY fluids as well as for flat-top droplets. Introducing mass imbalance, droplets experience intercomponent mixing and excitation signatures are identified for larger masses. Monitoring the droplet expansion (breathing motion) upon considering interaction quenches to stronger (weaker) attractions, we explicate that beyond LHY correlations result in a reduced velocity (breathing frequency). Strikingly, the droplets feature two-body anticorrelations (correlations) at the same position (longer distances). Our findings pave the way for probing correlation-induced phenomena of droplet dynamics in current ultracold-atom experiments.







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