Submissions from 2007

Operating conditions of batteries in off-grid renewable energy systems, V Svoboda, H Wenzl, R Kaiser, A Jossen, I Baring-Gould, J Manwell, P Lundsager, H Bindner, T Cronin, P Norgard, A Ruddell, A Perujo, K Douglas, C Rodrigues, A Joyce, S Tselepis, N van der Borg, F Nieuwenhout, N Wilmot, F Mattera, and DU Sauer

Ontologies for supporting engineering design optimization, P Witherell, S Krishnamurty, and IR Grosse

Ontologies for supporting engineering design optimization, P Witherell, S Krishnamurty, and IR Grosse

Relationship of main-group pallasites and IIIAB iron meteorites, J Yang, C Hung, JI Goldstein, and ERD Scott

Iron meteorite evidence for early formation and catastrophic disruption of protoplanets, JJ Yang, JI Goldstein, and ERD Scott

Submissions from 2006

Increasing risk and increasing informativeness: Equivalence theorems, E Baker

Optimal technology R&D in the face of climate uncertainty, E Baker, L Clarke, and J Weyant

Architecting space exploration campaigns: A decision-analytic approach, E Baker, EL Morse, A Gray, and R Easter

Impact of price postponement on capacity and flexibility investment decisions, S Biller, A Muriel, and YM Zhang

Nonlinearities in the undercooled properties of Ti39.5Zr39.5Ni21, RC Bradshaw, AD Arsenault, RW Hyers, JR Rogers, TJ Rathz, GW Lee, AK Gangopadhyay, and KF Kelton

Containerless measurements of thermophysical properties of Zr54Ti8Cu20Al10Ni8, RC Bradshaw, ME Warren, JR Rogers, TJ Rathz, AK Gangopadhyay, KF Kelton, and RW Hyers

Sexual dimorphism in determinants of bone: MRI and strength study in 438 young adults., C Brandoli, C Tosi-Rocha, H Gordish-Dressman, J Uthurralt, EK Reeves, JM Devaney, B Kim, K Ku, E Farrelly, M Linn, G Horsley, PM Gordon, NM Moyna, PD Thompson, PM Clarkson, TB Price, TJ Angelopouloss, LS Pescatello, PS Visich, RF Zoeller, RL Seip, S Bilbie, EP Hoffman, and LL Tosi

Direct numerical simulations of the double scalar mixing layer. Part I: Passive scalar mixing and dissipation, CM Cha, SM de Bruyn Kops, and M Mortensen

Synergy and transitivity in constraint dominance methods: Demonstration with linear motor design problem, A Deshpande and JR Rinderle

3D imaging and biomechanics: Bringing 3D finite element modeling to comparative biology, E Dumont, S Werle, and I Grosse

Can novice drivers be trained to scan for information that will reduce their likelihood of a crash?, DL Fisher, AP Pollatsek, and A Pradhan

Selective deflection and localization of flowing aerosols onto a substrate, M Frain, DP Schmidt, YL Pan, and RK Chang

The formation of plessite in meteoritic metal, JI Goldstein and JR Michael

Glutathione-mediated drug release using monolayer protected nanoparticle carriers, G Han, R Hong, J Fernandez, BJ Kim, NS Forbes, and VM Rotello

Light-regulated DNA transcription and delivery using photolabile gold nanoparticles, G Han, CC You, BJ Kim, NS Forbes, CT Martin, and VM Rotello

Light-regulated release of DNA and its delivery to nuclei by means of photolabile gold nanoparticles, G Han, CC You, BJ Kim, RS Turingan, NS Forbes, CT Martin, and VM Rotello

Continuous health monitoring of the thermal protection system for future spacecraft - art. no. 617431, AB Hanlon, A Deshmukh, and RW Hyers

Internal convective effects on the lifetime of the metastable phase undercooled Fe-Cr-Ni alloys, AB Hanlon, DM Matson, and RW Hyers

Microgravity experiments on the effect of internal flow on solidification of Fe-Cr-Ni stainless steels, AB Hanlon, DM Matson, and RW Hyers

Predicting turbulence in flows with strong stable stratification, DA Hebert and SM de Bruyn Kops

Relationship between vertical shear rate and kinetic energy dissipation rate in stably stratified flows, DA Hebert and SM de Bruyn Kops

Glutathione-mediated delivery and release using monolayer protected nanoparticle carriers, R Hong, G Han, JM Fernandez, BJ Kim, NS Forbes, and VM Rotello

Adaptive collision meshing and satellite droplet formation in spray simulations, SH Hou and DP Schmidt

Fluid flow effects in electromagnetically levitated droplets, RW Hyers

Three-dimensional modeling for estimation of hydraulic retention time in a reservoir, MG Kennedy, DP Ahlfeld, DP Schmidt, and JE Tobiason

Two putative c-type multiheme cytochromes required for the expression of OmcB, an outer membrane protein essential for optimal Fe(III) reduction in Geobacter sulfurreducens, BC Kim, XL Qian, LA Ching, MV Coppi, and DR Lovley

Rapid hot embossing of polymer microfeatures, TE Kimerling, WD Liu, BH Kim, and DG Yao

Adiabatic remelting of the mushy-zone during rapid solidification, DM Matson and RW Hyers

Optimal implementation and benefits of rolling inventory, A Muriel and R Ruiz-Benitez

Impact of partial manufacturing flexibility on production variability, A Muriel, A Somasundararn, and YM Zhang

Numerical simulation for injection molding with a rapidly heated mold, Part I: Flow simulation for thin wall parts, K Park, B Kim, and DG Yao

Numerical simulation for injection molding with a rapidly heated mold, Part II: Birefringence prediction, K Park, B Kim, and DG Yao

Modeling turbulent dissipation at low and moderate Reynolds numbers, JB Perot and SM de Bruyn Kops

Using eye movements to evaluate a PC-based risk awareness and perception training program on a driving simulator, A Pollatsek, V Narayanaan, A Pradhan, and DL Fisher

Risk perception training for novice drivers - Evaluating duration of effects of training on a driving simulator, AK Pradhan, DL Fisher, and A Pollatsek

Direct numerical study of a liquid droplet impulsively accelerated by gaseous flow, SP Quan and DP Schmidt

Olivine zoning and retrograde olivine-orthopyroxene-metal equilibration in H5 and H6 chondrites, RJ Reisener, JI Goldstein, and MI Petaev

Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance, S Schael, R Barate, R Bruneliere, D Buskulic, I De Bonis, D Decamp, P Ghez, C Goy, S Jezequel, JP Lees, A Lucotte, F Martin, E Merle, MN Minard, JY Nief, P Odier, B Pietrzyk, B Trocme, S Bravo, MP Casado, M Chmeissani, P Comas, JM Crespo, E Fernandez, M Fernandez-Bosman, L Garrido, E Grauges, A Juste, M Martinez, G Merino, R Miquel, LM Mir, S Orteu, A Pacheco, IC Park, J Perlas, I Riu, H Ruiz, F Sanchez, A Colaleo, D Creanza, N De Filippis, M de Palma, G Iaselli, G Maggi, M Maggi, S Nuzzo, A Ranieri, G Raso, F Ruggieri, G Selvaggi, L Silvestris, P Tempesta, A Tricomi, G Zito, X Huang, J Lin, Q Ouyang, T Wang, Y Xie, R Xu, S Xue, J Zhang, L Zhang, W Zhao, D Abbaneo, A Bazarko, U Becker, G Boix, F Bird, E Blucher, B Bonvicini, P Bright-Thomas, T Barklow, O Buchmuller, M Cattaneo, F Cerutti, V Ciulli, B Clerbaux, H Drevermann, RW Forty, M Frank, TC Greening, R Hagelberg, AW Halley, F Gianotti, M Girone, JB Hansen, J Harvey, R Jacobsen, DE Hutchcroft, R Janot, B Jost, J Knobloch, M Kado, I Lehraus, P Lazeyras, R Maley, P Mato, J May, A Moutussi, M Pepe-Altarelli, F Ranjard, L Rolandi, D Schlatter, B Schmitt, O Schneider, W Tejessy, F Teubert, IR Tomalin, E Tournefier, R Veenhof, A Valassi, W Wiedenmann, AE Wright, Z Ajaltouni, F Badaud, G Chazelle, O Deschamps, S Dessagne, A Falvard, C Ferdi, D Fayolle, P Gay, C Guicheney, P Henrard, J Jousset, B Michel, S Monteil, JC Montret, D Pallin, JM Pascolo, P Perret, F Podlyski, H Bertelsen, T Fernley, JD Hansen, JR Hansen, PH Hansen, AC Kraan, A Lindahl, R Mollerud, BS Nilsson, B Rensch, A Waananen, G Daskalakis, A Kyriakis, C Markou, E Simopoulou, I Siotis, A Vayaki, K Zachariadou, A Blondel, G Bonneaud, JC Brient, E Machefert, A Rouge, M Rumpf, M Swynghedauw, R Tanaka, M Verderi, H Videau, V Ciulli, E Focardi, G Parrini, K Zachariadou, M Corden, C Georgiopoulos, A Antonelli, M Antonelli, G Bencivenni, G Bologna, F Bossi, P Campana, G Capon, F Cerutti, V Chiarella, 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Clercq, B De Lotto, N De Maria, A De Min, L de Paula, H Dijkstra, L Di Ciaccio, A Di Diodato, A Di Simone, A Djannati, J Dolbeau, K Doroba, M Dracos, J Drees, KA Drees, M Dris, A Duperrin, JD Durand, R Ehret, G Eigen, T Ekelof, G Ekspong, M Ellert, M Elsing, JP Engel, B Erzen, MCE Santo, E Falk, G Fanourakis, D Fassouliotis, J Fayot, M Feindt, A Fenyuk, J Fernandez, P Ferrari, A Ferrer, E Ferrer-Ribas, F Ferro, S Fichet, A Firestone, PA Fischer, U Flagmeyer, H Foeth, E Fokitis, F Fontanelli, B Franek, AG Frodesen, R Fruhwirth, F Fulda-Quenzer, J Fuster, A Galloni, D Gamba, S Gamblin, M Gandelman, C Garcia, J Garcia, C Gaspar, M Gaspar, U Gasparini, P Gavillet, E Gazis, D Gele, JP Gerber, L Gerdyukov, N Ghodbane, I Gil, F Glege, R Gokieli, B Golob, G Gomez-Ceballos, P Goncalves, IG Caballero, G Gopal, L Gorn, M Gorski, Y Gouz, V Gracco, J Grahl, E Graziani, C Green, A Grefrath, HJ Grimm, P Gris, G Grosdidier, K Grzelak, M Gunther, J Guy, C Haag, F Hahn, S Hahn, A Hallgren, K Hamacher, K 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Leisos, R Leitner, J Lemonne, G Lenzen, V Lepeltier, T Lesiak, M Lethuillier, J Libby, W Liebig, D Liko, A Lipniacka, I Lippi, B Loerstad, M Lokajicek, JG Loken, JH Lopes, JM Lopez, R Lopez-Femandez, D Loukas, P Lutz, L Lyons, J MacNaughton, JR Mahon, A Maio, A Malek, TGM Malmgren, S Maltezos, V Malychev, F Mandl, J Marco, R Marco, B Marechal, M Margoni, JC Marin, C Mariotti, A Markou, C Martinez-Rivero, F Martinez-Vidal, SMI Garcia, J Masik, N Mastroyiannopoulos, F Matorras, C Matteuzzi, G Matthiae, J Mazik, F Mazzucato, M Mazzucato, M McCubbin, R McKay, R McNulty, C Meroni, WT Meyer, A Miagkov, E Migliore, L Mirabito, W Mitaroff, U Mjoernmark, T Moa, M Moch, R Moeller, K Moenig, R Monge, J Montenegro, D Moraes, X Moreau, S Moreno, P Morettini, G Morton, U Mueller, K Muenich, M Mulders, C Mulet-Marquis, L Mundim, R Muresan, W Murray, B Muryn, G Myatt, T Myklebust, F Naraghi, M Nassiakou, F Navarria, S Navas, K Nawrocki, P Negri, N Neufeld, W Neumann, N Neumeister, R Nicolaidou, BS Nielsen, M Nieuwenhuizen, P Niezurawski, V Nikolaenko, M Nikolenko, V Nomokonov, A Normand, A Nygren, A Oblakowska-Mucha, V Obraztsov, A Olshevski, A Onofre, R Orava, G Orazi, K Osterberg, A Ouraou, A Oyanguren, P Paganini, M Paganoni, S Paiano, R Pain, R Paiva, JP Palacios, H Palka, TD Papadopoulou, K Papageorgiou, L Pape, C Parkes, F Parodi, U Parzefall, A Passeri, O Passon, T Pavel, M Pegoraro, L Peralta, V Perepelitsa, M Pernicka, A Perrotta, C Petridou, A Petrolini, HT Philips, G Piana, J Piedra, L Pieri, F Pierre, M Pimenta, E Piotto, T Podobnik, V Poireau, ME Pol, G Polok, E Polycarpo, P Poropat, V Pozdniakov, R Privitera, N Pukhaeva, A Pullia, D Radojicic, S Ragazzi, H Rahmani, D Rakoczy, J Rames, L Ramler, PN Ratoff, A Read, P Rebecchi, NG Redaelli, M Regler, J Rehn, D Reid, R Reinhardt, P Renton, LK Resvanis, F Richard, J Ridky, G Rinaudo, I Ripp-Baudot, M Rivero, D Rodriguez, O Rohne, A Romero, P Ronchese, EI Rosenberg, P Rosinsky, R Roudeau, T Rovelli, C Royon, V Ruhlmann-Kleider, A Ruiz, D Ryabtchikov, H Saarikko, Y Sacquin, A Sadovsky, G Sajot, L Salmi, J Salt, D Sampsonidis, M Sannino, A Savoy-Navarro, T Scheidle, H Schneider, P Schwemling, B Schwering, U Schwickerath, MAE Schyns, F Scuri, P Seager, Y Sedykh, A Segar, N Seibert, R Sekulin, RC Shellard, A Sheridan, M Siebel, R Silvestre, L Simard, F Simonetto, A Sisakian, TB Skaali, G Smadja, N Smirnov, O Smirnova, GR Smith, A Sokolov, A Sopczak, R Sosnowski, T Spassov, E Spiriti, P Sponholz, S Squarcia, D Stampfer, C Stanescu, S Stanic, M Stanitzki, S Stapnes, K Stevenson, A Stocchi, J Strauss, R Strub, B Stugu, M Szczekowski, M Szeptycka, T Szumlak, T Tabarelli, AC Taffard, F Tegenfeldt, F Terranova, J Thomas, A Tilquin, J Timmermans, N Tinti, L Tkatchev, M Tobin, T Todorov, S Todorovova, DZ Toet, A Tomaradze, B Tome, A Tonazzo, L Tortora, P Tortosa, G Transtromer, P Travnicek, D Treille, G Tristram, M Trochimczuk, A Trombini, C Troncon, A Tsirou, ML Turluer, IA Tyapkin, P Tyapkin, S Tzamarias, O Ullaland, V Uvarov, G Valenti, E Vallazza, C Vander Velde, GW Van Apeldoorn, P Van Dam, W Van den Boeck, WK Van Doninck, J Van Eldik, A Van Lysebetten, N van Remortel, I Van Vulpen, N Vassilopoulos, G Vegni, F Velos, L Ventura, W Venus, F Verbeure, P Verdier, M Verlato, LS Vertogradov, V Verzi, D Vilanova, L Vitale, E Vlasov, AS Vodopyanov, C Vollmer, G Voulgaris, V Vrba, H Wahlen, C Walck, AJ Washbrook, C Weiser, AM Wetherell, D Wicke, J Wickens, G Wilkinson, M Winter, M Witek, T Wlodek, G Wolf, J Yi, O Yushchenko, A Zaitsev, A Zalewska, P Zalewski, D Zavrtanik, E Zevgolatakos, V Zhuravlov, NI Zimin, A Zintchenko, P Zoller, GC Zucchelli, G Zumerle, M Zupan, M Acciarri, P Achard, O Adriani, M Aguilar-Benitez, J Alcaraz, G Alemanni, J Allaby, A Aloisio, MG Alviggi, G Ambrosi, H Anderhub, VP Andreev, T Angelescu, F Anselmo, A Arefiev, T Azemoon, T Aziz, P Bagnaia, A Bajo, G Baksay, L Baksay, A Balandras, SV Baldew, RC Ball, S Banerjee, S Banerjee, A Barczyk, R Barillere, L 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Development of wind energy systems for New England islands, JF Manwell and JG McGowan