Volume 23 (2018)

mOthertongue is a multilingual and multicultural journa of the arts that has been at UMass for the past 23 years. Made up of poetry, short stories, and visual art, the magazine brings together students from all majors, languages, ages, and artistic styles. This year, we have been fortunate to receive fifteen submissions. We are excited about the variety of languages that we are able to present to you in this 23rd issue of mOthertongue. The majority of our submissions are non-romantic languages. We are pleased to see the student population pull away from eurocentric art and represent languages from Africa, Central America, and Asia.

With a decrease in funding for language programs at universities and high schools across the country, it is more important than ever to celebrate the diversity of language and culture. Furthermore, with the political and social state of the country, it is evident that the United States could benefit from more acceptance and a broader point of view. We hope to create both of these with the help of poetry, literature, and art.

Lastly, the editorial board extends many thanks to Professory Jessica Barr, our faculty advisor as well as the graduate students that aided in translations of the poems and short stories.

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Lillian Sickler
Editorial Board
Anne Moore
Maria Arenas
Sara Ceasrine
Graduate Editorial Advisors
Noor Habib - Urdu
Sara Ceroni - Italian
Faculty Advisor
Jessica Barr