Volume 24 (2019)

It is hard to put into words how amazing it feels to be part of a project like mOthertongue. This journal allows artists to show their true selves, those studying new languages to grow, and readers to be introduced to more of what this large world can offer. It is often said that lovers of literature and art love them due to their ability to transport the reader or viewer across time and place. That feeling seems doubled in this journal where you can see a variety of different languages side by side. To be ablet o help bring that experience to others makes one feel sort of magical. But we did not do it alone.

We, the editors, had the help of many othe rmagical and amazing people to make this issue of mOthertongue a reality. First and foremost are the talented authors/artists without whom there would be no journal. They are the true magicians here, crafting the stories and art that will take you, the reader, on the journey around the globe. Thank you so much for sharing these pieces of work with us and the readers. Next, we want to thank our faculty advisor, Jessica Barr, whose support was truly invaluable. And finally, a large thank you to all those who contributed time and money to this journal. We thanked and acknowledged you on previous pages but wanted to make it extra clear that we appreciate all your support.

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Alison Deckers
Editorial Board
Turhan Branche III
Sierra Powers
Mariel Vahar
Editorial Advisors
Spanish - Elena Igartuburu Garcia
Portuguese - Sara Ceroni
Chinese - Xu Li
Irish/Gaelic - Maria Tymoczko
Russian - Kate Edwards
Faculty Advisor
Jessica Barr