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National Center for Digital Government Working Paper Series

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[first paragraph] Chapter 6 provided an open source project success and abandonment dependent variable. Chapter 7 described data available in the repository and linked these data to various independent variable concepts and hypotheses presented in the theoretical part of this book. Chapter 7 also described the Classification Tree and Random Forest statistical approaches we use in this and the following chapter. This chapter presents the results of the Classification Tree analysis for successful and abandoned projects in the Initiation Stage, which in Chapter 3 (Figure 3.2), we defined as the period before and up to the time when a project completes a first release of its software. Readers are encouraged to review Chapter 6 (especially Table 6.1) for specifics on how we operationalized this definition as well as the other Initiation Stage dependent variable categories (e.g., Abandoned in Initiation, Indeterminate in Initiation).