Friday, June 6, 2008
9:45am - 3:10pm
Western New England College, Springfield, MA

The ACRL/New England Library Instruction Group (NELIG) and Western New England College Library present a one day program examining how students learn in the 21st century and methods that we can employ to facilitate the process.

9:00am Registration and Refreshments
9:45am Opening Remarks
Heidi McCann and Kari Mofford, NELIG Co-Chairs
Angie Locknar and Laura Hanlan, NELIG Co-Chairs Elect
Priscilla Perkins, Library Director, Western New England College
10:00am Keynote:
Getting to know today’s college students: The Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Rochester
Vicki Burns, Head of Reference, University of Rochester
12:00pm Lunch with discussion table topics:
  • Face to Face Collaborations
  • Virtual Collaborations
  • Incorporating Podcasts in Instruction
Library tours from 12:45 - 1:15pm
1:15pm Breakout Sessions:
  • Universal Design for Information Literacy
    Ted Chodock & Elizabeth Dolinger, Landmark College
  • How at Risk Students Learn to be 21st Century Scholars
    Isabel Espinal, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Beyond the Facelift: Making Library Instruction Attractive to the Net Generation through Innovative Strategies and Technologies
    Nicole Brown, Erica Schattle, Laura McCune-Poplin, Emerson College
  • "No, you can’t keep your iPod on in class!”: The iGen vs. the Information Literacy Instructor
    Elin O’Hara, SUNY Plattsburgh
1:45pm Break
2:00pm Presentation:
Debate and Collaborate: Applying Evaluation Criteria
Corinne Ebbs, Teresa Shiel, Oliver Zeff, Westfield State College
2:30pm Presentation:
Personal Connections: Using Context to Enhance Learning
Kate Cheromcha, University of Rhode Island
3:00 Conference Wrap-up

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