Friday, December 2, 2011
9am - 12pm
Western New England University, Springfield, MA

Often when we are at NELIG events, we hear our colleagues discussing innovative activities they have done with classes at their school. Sometimes we might even watch a great conference presentation where a librarian describes an activity he or she has done with classes, but we don’t actually get to see our colleagues “in action.” The December NELIG Meeting was a great opportunity to watch some of our creative colleagues conduct activities that they run, or are planning to run, in their classes. Those of us in the audience acted as their college students. Through this experience we were reminded of what it is like to be sitting in the seat of the student and learn new teaching techniques and exercises from each other.

  • Gathering Background Info – Credo v. Wikipedia
    Jennifer Ditkoff, Keene State College
  • Finding What you Need: Choosing your Own Adventures in Library Research
    Laura Robinson Hanlan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Build Your Research Foundation: Every Great Project Begins with a Plan
    Joy Hansen, Middlesex Community College
  • Mind Mapping Software: Improving the Student Research Process through Inspiration©
    Joshua Becker, Western New England University

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