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Over the last two years, The American Women's College has developed or redesigned 60 centrally-managed courses using an OER-first strategy. Achieving this approach has required intentional processes for curating, adopting, mixing, and managing resources. Our lessons learned can be applied in a variety of academic models.

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Jeremy provides leadership of the instructional design, online user support, infrastructure, and analytics teams in support of an access mission at The American Women’s College at Bay Path University, the first all-women online undergraduate college in the US. In this capacity, he creates, enhances, supervises, and manages the processes and functions relating to instructional, learning, and administrative technologies for all stakeholder groups. Jeremy is passionate about OER and adaptive learning as strategies to expand access to high quality, low cost higher education. He is earning his doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership from Creighton University.

Rachel Baum's passion for open scholarship, social justice, and the intersection of the two led her to her work at Bay Path. She developed and leads the university’s Longmeadow-campus based OER initiative and served on the leadership committee for OER adoption at Bunker Hill Community College. She hopes her work inspires librarians, students, and faculty to be advocates for open knowledge.

Maura has been supporting adult women students at The American Women’s College for 13 years. In her current role as Deputy Chief Learning Officer, she is responsible for oversight of academic programs, curriculum development, academic quality, and student learning. Maura completed her Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership at University of Massachusetts Amherst with a dissertation entitled When Mom Goes to School: Maternal Education and Intergenerational Mobility. She is an advocate for adult college completion and tools and strategies, such as high quality OER, that foster academic success.

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31-5-2018 11:05 AM


May 31st, 11:05 AM

Scaling OER Adoptions in a Centralized Course Model


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