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What SUNY and CUNY did to support the rapid adoption of OER using $8 million in state funding. OER leaders from both systems will present the strategies and rationale behind what was done to effectively spend $8 million to scale-up OER adoption and student savings.

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Ann Fiddler, Open Education Librarian, directs and coordinates all OER activities from the CUNY Office of Library Services. She works closely with the OER leads on all CUNY campuses to achieve the ambitious outcomes of their OER grant projects. Ann works tirelessly to educate and advocate for OER across CUNY.

As Executive Director of SUNY OER Services - Alexis McMillan Clifton works with State University of New York (SUNY) institutions to establish, support, and expand their OER programs. She helps to identify each institution’s goals for open education, as well as to foster collaboration between campuses to expand options for effective open practices.

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31-5-2018 2:00 PM


May 31st, 2:00 PM

Two [Public Higher Ed] Systems, Both Alike in Dignity


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